September 30, 2010

Sempio 4ever

Jag har tidigare berättat om min besatthet av en bulgogisås av märket Sempio som jag hade förmånen att få njuta i Singapore.

Nedan ett brev till företaget Sempio genom deras team för den internationella marknaden. Roligt nog står det "Introducing the staff of Sempio’s International Marketing Team. Choose the best looking person you like the most.". Dessa utseendefixerade sydkoreaner. Deras tjejer är de snyggaste i hela Asien (jag glömmer aldrig flygvärdinnorna i sina chica dräkter som stod bakom oss i passkontrollen i Hanoi), och de ståtar också med den högsta frekvensen av ögonlocksoperationer.

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am a Swedish citizen of Chinese origin who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. During a visit in Singapore, I happened to taste beaf that had been marinated in bulgogi sauce from Sempio (it came in a plastic bag). I simply loved it! It was so tasty, despite having no MSG (E621) in it, which actually made it so much more enjoyable for me, because I think MSG leaves a metallic and numbing feeling on your tongue.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to buy a bag of Sempio's bulgogi sauce before leaving Singapore. When I landed in Stockholm I went straight to the only Korean food shop we have here,

But they only had one sauce of another Korean brand, I don't know which one, because it is all in Korean. But the ingredients do include MSG. I bought it anyway since I had no alternativ, but it tasted so artificial! It had some taste of Western medicine to it.

I googled to find you and I somehow learned from your website that the shop Korean Food in Stockholm is your general agent in Sweden.

So I went back and suggested to the lady who owns the store that they should import your bulgogi sauce. But she basically ignored me and said the sauce they have it as good as any.

I am growing desperate. How can I find your sauce? I have friends in Netherlands, so if you have a retail agent there maybe they could send it to me? Do you have any plans of starting a webshop?

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Anonymous Maken said...

Sydkoreanska tjejer? Tja, de är väl OK. Men du skulle se brudarna från Zhejiang i östra Kina!

12:07 PM, October 01, 2010  

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